Markus Hausammann

Manager & Founder

MSc in Organisational Psychology, Diagnostics and Business Administration.

Lives in Switzerland and Estonia, loves fantasy, Craft Beer and people who stand for a good cause.

Adrian Imfeld

Web Software Engineer & Partner

MSc in Neuropsychology, Computer Science and Philosophy.

Lives in Spain, plays the Flamenco guitar, reasons about errors in reasoning and loves the warm climate.

Sven Gross

Data Analyst, Consultant & Partner

PhD in Organisational Psychology and degrees in Diagnostics and Business Administration.

Lives in Switzerland, rides many bikes, plays complicated games and says silly things.

Tobias Satzger

Full Stack Web Developer

Graduate in Computer Sciences (Diplom Informatiker FH)

Lives in France, loves freedom, pragmatic approaches and football.

Oliver Aeschlimann

Strategist & Partner

Degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration

Lives in Switzerland, likes to be well informed and makes strategies for both business and politics.


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